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Simple, Affordable and Modern

EPOS for Restaurants, Takeaways, Cafes and Bars

£849 £1049 (save £200 today)

Hardware & Software fee included

Our Complete Solution

Take your business to the next level with our iPad-based point of sale solution featuring
customer self-ordering, kitchen display system and order status display

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JeM PoS for your
Restaurants Takeaways Cafes Bars Hotels

A comprehensive tool for your hospitality business

About JeM PoS About JeM PoS

Customisable for your business, JeM iPad PoS allows you to carry on taking orders with or without internet access. JeM’s ‘super-fast’ POS gives you full control to help make your business run more efficiently, and gives you full insight on how your business is doing.

Thanks to working with our customers, we’ve been able to build the most wanted iPad PoS solution on the market. We have listened to what independent businesses want out of a EPoS system and have packed our solution with loads of "simple to use" functionality that helps you run your business efficiently and be able to see how your business is doing from anywhere around the world.

It’s not just a Restaurant till system, it’s a complete operational and management system.


No time to train up new staff? Difficult to understand how to use your current Tablet PoS? Restaurant till system not up to the job? Why struggle with a complicated interface when you can have JeM intuitive solution. JeM is easy to understand for all your staff, with colourful touch-coding and image options. JeM takes no more than 10mins to Master so why not request a demo. We’ll get you up and running in no time.


Building a Restaurant EPoS system that’s cost effective and packed with loads of functionality is a challenge, but that is what we have achieved. JeM brings the most affordable, feature-packed PoS system to the food and drink market. Complete EPOS from £849 that includes hardware, software fee, installation and 24/7 support or £33 per month.


Do you want your coffee shop PoS to stay up-to-date? Does your takeaway PoS moves with your business? JeM uses the latest technology to make sure everything runs smoothly. As your business changes, so should your tablet PoS. JeM has been built to be an adaptable and complete solution providing unique customer self-ordering and quick payment features.

No hidden Cost

Complete EPOS from £849 all included


Feel the difference with creative, rich in visual effects and user-friendly Point of Sale

Customer Self-Ordering

Let customers place orders themselves with easy-to-use JeM iPad terminals. Place an iPad on every table for a unique ordering experience for customers.

Manage Tables

Have complete control over defining dining area and turn tables more efficiently with live table status and timers.

Manage Reservations

Allows table reservations in advance for an enriched customer experience! Track & set a reserved table for any point in time.

Manage Takeaway

Welcoming takeaway businesses to effortlessly generate and serve orders with JeM’s unique takeaway feature.

Orders Display TV App

Monitor the status of your orders on smart TV using our app. Same functionality can also be accessed on iPads, tablets and phones. Perfect for staff, customers and delivery drivers.

Separate Kitchen App

Increase accuracy and productivity of your kitchen with simplified yet detailed design of our kitchen app. Just tap in your order and the burners will begin to blaze.

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Putting our customers at the heart of everything by providing 24/7 support for the finest customer service

We are always learning from you and how your business runs so we can keep our Tablet PoS for Restaurants, Cafes, takeaways and bars the very best in the market. We believe in never listening to our customers. You make our solution even better.

Our Partners

Building creative partnerships to form lasting impressions

Payment Sense

Payment Sense


JeM are very pleased to announce that we have a new payment partner on-board!. Payment sense is Europe's leading merchant service provider.




The easy to use iZettle device has empowered JeM to accept contactless and Chip & PIN payments adhering to the strictest security requirements

Star Micronics

Star Micronics


JeM has partnered with Star Micronics for printing and cash handling solutions delivering consistent and well-organized results.

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